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Track, earn, and encourage. Better media interaction for your kids.

  • Written by parents, for parents like you!

    Set up daily, weekly, or custom allowances for your children and start tracking their time.

  • Earn screen time!

    We help you fundamentally change the way your kids view screen time. Kids earn screen time by completing chores and displaying good behavior.

  • Trade!

    Encourage your kids to maintain healthy screen habits by understanding the value in other activities. By trading screen time for other, healthier choices, children take control of their own viewing habits in a positive and fun way.

Note: Screen Time does not (cannot) automatically track your device’s usage or lock kids out of apps or the device itself as it is against Apple’s usage policies. Our app is meant for the involvement of parents in managing and actively tracking their kids’ time. We help create a healthy relationship between parents and kids in dealing with one of the main challenges we have in our highly technological age.
  • Manually track time or enter usage time for your kids
  • Earn time by completing chores, good behavior, and by setting up automatically allowances.
  • Kids can bank unused time in order to trade for other activities such as a trip to the park, staying up late, extra dessert, or anything else which might entice them to turn those screens off and get active!
  • You can lock the app and still see all running timers and individual child’s daily usage. An alarm will sound to let you know when their screen time is up.